Introduction to Functional Programming – Tony Morris – Melbourne/Brisbane/Perth

Senior Software Engineer at NICTA, Functional Programming Educator

Tony Morris is a software product developer who has deployed functional programming techniques in industry for over 10 years. Tony teaches at the tertiary level and for professional programmers with a view toward producing a viable commercial result. Tony is currently a Senior Software Engineer at NICTA where he is tasked with promoting and educating on functional programming for the benefit of all Australian software developers.

Tony takes a fastidious, principled approach to functional programming both when deployed in practice and when in a learning environment to ensure maximum yield from the effort. Tony believes that exploring principles and the following consequences provides a rewarding experience for all involved.

Workshop Details

Topic: Introduction to Functional Programming

In this hands-on intro to Functional Programming workshop, we will solve simple problems using the Haskell programming language, then move up in difficulty as time permits. This workshop emphasises hands-on problem-solving, with follow-up discussion. One important goal is to provide an industry programmer with a basic understanding of functional programming principles and vocabulary.