Airshow – Horace Dediu/ Farshad Nayeri – Melbourne

Apple Expert, Podcaster, Author & Founder at Asymco

Horace has eight years of experience as an industry analyst and business development manager at Nokia, preceded by six years of software development and management in a startup environment, two years of IT management and five years of computer science research in an industrial laboratory.

Farshad Nayeri is the Founder & CEO of Pixxa, where he leads the development of Perspective. Perspective helps presenters use the tablet to tell stories that convey the true meaning behind their data. Before Pixxa, Farshad led the development of software products and Apps for 15 years, resulting in millions of downloads and a few trips to AppStore’s Top Apps.

Workshop Details

Topic: Airshow

Whether one-on-one or in front of millions on TV, presentations are the primary means of persuasion in business. The problem is that most people receive no training in how to compose the most crucial images they project to an audience and the tools available do not take advantage of motion, touch, processing power, mobility and high resolutions.

Airshow teaches principles of persuasion using techniques of cinematography and visual storytelling.