Introduction to JavaScript Robotics – Suz Hinton – Melbourne

JavaScript Developer & Hardware Tinkerer

Suz Hinton is a JavaScript developer who likes to tinker with hardware. A maker at heart, she’s no stranger to minor burns from soldering irons and 3D printers. She’s a regular contributor to the open source Node.js electronics scene, and enjoys teaching others how to immerse themselves in the nerdiverse.

Workshop Details

Topic: Introduction to JavaScript Robotics

Controlling and communicating with electronics, hardware and IoT devices used to require knowledge of languages such as C and C++, and a degree in electrical/mechanical engineering. Not anymore! With NodeJS and a library called Johnny-Five, we can now directly interface with micro-controllers and connected hardware in order to create exciting and educational machines, robots, and devices. Johnny-Five works as an API to read and write to the your device, allowing you to build your dream machine with ease.

This workshop is designed to give an overview to micro-controllers, using JavaScript to interface with them, and how to conceptualise your ideas to reality. Your imagination is your only limitation! We will be jumping straight into some hands on experimentation after a brief overview in the morning. The overview is designed to equip you with just enough knowledge to make you dangerous! It’s all mad science from there.